Hall of Shame. The name says it all. This is where public officials are publicly chastised because they have ignored or inadequately responded to the legitimate concerns of the people they serve. We'll be updating this list as necessary and sincerely look forward to the day when we don't really need it. Here we go.

James F. O'connor, Captain, NYPD

We have the full New York Times story as a downloadable PDF in our library. But here's the short version. He was driving a police vehicle home from a party celebrating his promotion to internal affairs (the department within the police that is supposed to police the police). On the way home he didn't feel like waiting in congestion. So he decided to ignore all the construction sign and orange cones and in the process killed a construction worker.

Being a cop is admittedly a stress full job. Cops drink after work and since their cops they don't have to worry about being caught DWI unless of course you kill someone. And word gets out and you get your face plastered all over the News for a day and then wind up here.

Police culture needs to change. This is one more example of why.

US Department of Justice

On January 21, 1998 the following letter was sent. We're still waiting for a reply.


Sara L. Shudofsky
Chief Civil Rights Unit
US Department of Justice
100 Church Street
New York, NY 10007


Dear Sara L. Shudofsky,

I am contacting you regarding a matter that effects millions of people every week that I think in your capacity of Chief Of The Civil Rights Unit, needs to be addressed with a sense of urgency.

The mayor of New York City has put up pedestrian barricades at 10 intersections in midtown for the sole purpose of blocking pedestrian travel in order to facilitate the movement of turning cars. Yet, according to terms and definitions of the New York Traffic law a pedestrian is defined as: "someone a foot or in a wheelchair". Since the definition is inclusive of Americans with disabilities, I think federal ADA laws apply, and I also think the city is in violation of them.

What becomes clear when reading the ADA is that not only are there sections of law that the city appears to be in violation of but more importantly it seems the barricades are in violation of the spirit of the entire disabilities act.

Last I checked, neither the mayor nor the police are above the law, and that law as written, seems to be pretty clear that pedestrians as legally defined, should not be barred from crossing at these barricades.

Your immediate attention to this matter is appreciated.



Harris Silver
founder of Citystreets. An organization committed to making streets safe.

CC: Y. Yeoh

Noach Dear, City Council Member

It says in the Talmud that if you save one life you save a whole nation. This is something that Noach Dear the head of the city councils transportation commission should know as he is the only orthodox Jew on the city council. Yet at as chair of the transportation commission he is surprisingly (some would say embarrassingly) uneducated about transportation issues and completely unresponsive to the voices of the community he serves. His behavior at a recent pedestrian safety meeting as the chair of the transportation committee was in a word shocking. Additionally he is involved in unethical behavior by accepting contributions from the taxi lobby while serving as chairman of transportation committee which oversees and creates legislation for the Taxi industry. We think Dear is not only a disgrace to the city but more importantly a disgrace to all orthodox Jews. The way he acts he might as well take off his yalmachah and start eating pig. Please feel free to send him your favorite pork recipes. If you happen to think that's just a little odd, or too inside just send him a postcard every time you hear about a pedestrian that is killed.

His address is:
4424 16th Avenue,
Brooklyn NY, 11204

Christopher Lynn, former DOT Commissioner

He actually joked about all the drunk pedestrians when asked about pedestrian fatalities in NYC as head of the DOT. He also instituted pedestrian barricades at various locations around Manhattan. Squandered federal funds and more importantly took 2 years time to come out with a proposal on pedestrian safety that wasn't worth the paper it was printed on.

Michael King, Pedestrian Coordinator DOT

Michael King is the pedestrian coordinator at NYCDOT. When we called to introduce Citystreets to him, his response was : "I don't like you and I don't trust you" --
considering the fact that he had never met the person from our office that he was speaking with this seemed odd ( to put it mildly).

When we asked him for copies of the latest pedestrian data he told us that it wasn't public information. When we reminded him that it was part of an exhibition at the Citicorp center the previous week he said that we still weren't getting a copy. Actually, he assured us of that. We think anyone whose title is Pedestrian Coordinator and who is not willing exchange information with pedestrian advocates about pedestrian issues shouldn't be pedestrian coordinator. Actually, we assure you of that.

Alan Fromberg, Taxi & Limousine Commission

Alan Fromberg works at the TLC (Taxi & Limousine Commission). We believe the streets would be safer with him out of the way, because he would no longer be able to prevent an honest dialogue about safety. . We first met him when we attempted to follow up our proposal for the implementation of the "Silver Meter" that we sent the TLC. He denied that there was a safety problem. He told us that safety is everyone's job. And he assured us that our idea would be looked at in the order it was received. 30 days later (without hearing from him) we went to the New York Times with our safety solution. More than 50,000 crashes later and an exposé about taxi crashes in the New York Times by Andy Newman, Mr. Fromberg is still convinced that there isn't a safety problem at the TLC and is not interested in pursuing this innovative safety idea. Which just proves one thing: Mr. Fromberg may actually believe the lies he's feeding the public but that still doesn't make them true.

(read the New York Times Magazine article featuring the "Silver Meter" idea in our library)

Mark Green, Public Advocate

The Public Advocate's office has not responded to numerous written request and follow up phone calls to set up a meeting to discuss pedestrian safety. Which begs the question what exactly does Mark Green do in capacity of the Public Advocate, except promote himself around election time?