The bad news: If you think writing letters to the Giuliani administrations is pretty much a waste of time, you're right. Don't waste your time, your energy, your paper and your stamps. You're more likely to get a response if you write to Santa Claus.

The good news: There are other people to write to besides the Giuliani administration. And occasionally well crafted letters receive surprising responses.

We encourage you to write. If you're inspired by this site and want to do something right now. Then just print out one of our pre-written letters (feel free to change the tone so that it is your voice that is talking) and send it off. Or if you want our help writing or editing a letter just send us an email via [email protected]

(use these examples of letters while we complete this section. thanks.)

1. Re Moving Billboards

To (name advertiser, company owner, or ceo),
I am convinced that your advertisement on the side of a vehicle billboard had the opposite of its intended effect. It has made me less interested in your (company name/product or brand here). Our streets are already congested and dangerous. Our air is already polluted. And this media vehicle just adds to congestion, pollution, and endangerment on our streets. New York City is just the wrong place for these vehicles and as a marketer trying to reach New Yorkers you should know this. I guess now you do. I strongly encourage you to spend your media dollars another way as I'm sure I'm not the only person who thinks this.

2. Re Dangerous Driving/ Commercial

To (company owner, or ceo),
On my way (back or to) (place you where going) (insert time and date) I witnessed a driver of your company (insert location and description of what you saw) I wasn't hurt but I could have been. Even if your driver is in a rush that is no excuse for almost hitting a pedestrian. Besides killing potential customers is just bad business. It would be nice to know that this letter received the serious attention that it deserves and that a corrective course of action has been taken by your company.