Operation Move along.

The latest traffic initiative from the Guliani administration to crack down on double parked cars is great, because it shows that if there is a will to deal with a traffic related problems in New York City, there is also a way.

Operation move along is by many measures a success. But unfortunately, double parked cars arenšt the problem. The real problem is pedestrian safety --double parked cars make sidewalks safer for pedestrians.

When it comes to transportation policy Mayor Giuliani's hand is much heavier than his thought is long. That these he's so damn mean is only part of the problem, that he's so damn out of touch, is the other.

His focus has been on moving automobiles as quickly as possible. In the past, he has looked at pedestrians issues. Just not in right way.-- the midtown barricades are still up.

This isn't our opinion this is the historical record. You can look it up if you're so inclined.

So where does that leave us.

We like the fact that it shows you can redirect police enforcement strategies rather easily giving us hope that one day ideas from our solution section will be tried out.

I'd say we'd give it a solid D with merit points for effort.