Pedestrian Barricades--You know those barricades in midtown that you hate. This is why you should hate them.

The Giuliani administration installed barricades in midtown Manhattan for the purpose of preventing pedestrians from crossing the street in order to facilitate the movement of turning automobiles. Citystreets believes these barricades are wrong for a number of reason that are articulated throughout this website. But aside from being wrong we believe these barricades are illegal and that they violate the letter and the spirit of the Americans with Disability Act (the ADA is considered landmark legislation that grew out of the civil rights movement). To ask an amputee, A wheel chair bound person, an old guy walking with a walker to cross three ways instead of one (think winter think freezing rain), so that someone in a car can have an easier time making a turn isn't just wrong it's illegal. We wrote to the US Attorneys office about this they never bothered to write us back. That's why we put them in the hall of shame.