Broadcast room


Dr. billy movie--A message from an emergency room doctor about pedestrian safety.

Short red light movie--Watch cars run red lights at the corner of 16th and 7th

IRT movie finished--Take a ride on the IRT (uptown)

Subway blues--See two guys who look the part playing blues at the 47/50th ind station

Bus movie--Take a short ride on a city bus

Idling movie--We think auto exhaust is related to respiratory problems. We think unneceassarily idling vehicles are easy to stop.
Stop Signs low rez --watch no cars stop at a city stop sign, Al right one
Failure to yield w/a QT--This is typical of the bull shit pedestrians have to deal with when crossing.



Ausssie 1 Ped Spot
Ausssie 2 Ped Spot
Ausssie 3 Ped Spot
Case Beer

Centennial Plaque.


Citystreets Speech
NY 1
Stenciling Bliss
1000 Names Sign