Newspaper Clippings --We're going to be adding a lot more content here in the next couple of months so be sure to check back.
First Pedestrian Killed
1999 NYT 1899 NY World
1899 NY Herald 1899 NY EVE. Post
4 peds injured--as car plows into cafe 1998 NYT
Girl 9 killed by driver--Driver was driving alone with a learners permit. Again we have question the process of how we train drivers. Jan. 19, 1998 NYT
Ped killed on Broadway--81 year old driver mounts sidewalk kills one seriously injures another. This is another argument for tighter supervision of older drivers and bollards to protect pedestrians on busy streets. June 13, 1998 NYT
Worst intersections 1998--Ten intersections with over 100 vehicle "accidents" ( the city still doesn't track pedestrian crash sites). Amazing that even after more than 100 crashes no one comes in and redesigns the intersections to make them safer for all road users. March 12, 1999 Daily News.
Drunk Police Captain kills construction worker--A police captain driving a police vehicle on the way home from a party celebrating his promotion to internal affairs kills a construction worker. Meet our newest member to our hall of shame. Oct. 21, 1999 NYT
Police kill speed factor--See above. Oct. 22, 1999 NYT
Police kill paramedic--Maybe we really don't need high speed chases in the middle of the city. Nov. 28, 1998 NYT
28 injured in police chase--Maybe we really don't need high speed chases anywhere. Dec. 22, 1998 NYT
Car jumps curb boy hurt--See the photo. This is why we need to start installing bollards to protect pedestrians. June 9, 1998 NYT
Bus kills 75 yr old woman--Feb. 2, 1999 Resident
Passing truck kills girl--Girl gets off school bus and is killed by a passing truck. Apparently the laws of stopping near school buses don't apply in NYC. Jan.6, 1999 NYT
Car outside macy's strikes 3 people--Oct. 31, 1998 NYT
Bus driver in fatal crash cited for recklessness

DOT refuses to put stop sign at unsafe intersection--After reading this article you have to question everyththing the DOT says about safety from now on. The photograph shows a truck after having a mounted a sidewalk plowed into a building. Yet the DOT calls this a safe intersection and refuses the communities pleas to put in a stop sign? November 17-23 Resident.

Police officer killed--The police claimed the driver was drunk. This later turned out to be a fabrication. Feb. 15, 1999 NYT

Taxi crashes through hotel--11 people were injured in four separate crashes in Manhattan in one day. Taxi's were involved in 2 of them. Another vehicle that injured 5 people was a DOT vehicle. Nice going guys. Feb. 17, 1998 NYT
Girl 11 seriously injured--She was struck by an unlicensed driver. This is the second crash in 24 hours on Nostrand avenue where a car mounted the sidewalk and struck a pedestrian. Bollards anyone? June 10, 1998 NYT

Driver with 41 suspensions kills 8 year old --You would think after the 40th suspension someone would have figured out that the other 39 weren't being taken seriously. Amazing the driver Mordechi Levy was only 23. This is just another example of the failure of the licensing process. March 26, 1993

Grandma killed --text file driver with 99 suspensions kills. July 14, 1997 Daily news
Girl 6 in critical condition--text file March 13, 1998 NYT
Killed on E96th street--text file eyewitness account
Police kill crossing guard--text file
Cyclist killed on W. side--text file April 4, 1997 this came to us via e-mail
Woman Killed in Midtown--text file Feb. 6, 1996 NYT
Cyclist hit on Brkln Brdg--text file Oct. 1, 1997 eyewitness account sent to us via e-mail
Cabdriver hits agent--text file Feb. 7, 1998 NYT
Cyclist killed in Bronx--text file April 10, 1997 This came to us via e-mail
Man is accused of vehicular rampage--This is a good example of why we should be a little more selective about the people we give driver licenses to and how the automobile is often used as a weapon. Oct. 16, 1998 NYT
Man 86 is killed by hit-and-run driver--Broad daylight in the Bronx. And won't be counted in the city's crime stats about street safety. Feb. 10, 1999 NYT

Crash kills one--Henry Hudson Parkway shut both ways at peak of rush hour. Officer at the scene says "I've never seen anything quite like it" see the photo for yourself. Feb. 18, 1999 NYT

Cabdriver hits 2 joggers in Central Park--75 year old cabdriver suffers heart attack while driving in central park. Two questions. 1. Why are 75 year old men with heart conditions allowed to drive commercial vehicles. 2. Why are cars allowed in Central Park? Feb. 13, 1998 NYT

Addicted to the Gas tax--By Ronald Fraser 4.28.1998 NYT
Get Outta the Way--By Tony Hiss Jan. 31, 1998 NYT
a piece about walking
The Cab Crackdown is overdue--editorial NYT
Safety in New York City's Streets----editorial Feb. 11,1998 NYT
Pedestrians in Peril---By Charles Komonaff 1998 NYT
9 letters about the pedestrian barricades--Dec 29, 1997

Penalize Speeding Taxis--By Sharoz Makarechi March 3, 1998

Parks are for cars--Kenneth Coughlin Feb. 13, 1998 NYT
3 Letters about food vendors----June 5, 1998 NYT
Failure to yield to peds--B. Hoberman Aug. 25, 1997 NYT
A speed hump on every street---R. Lichter Aug. 27, 1997 NYT
cell phone danger Red light crashes
Ford Recall--wheels NJ extends license term
Driver and 2 passenger are charged with murder--Accroding to the District Attorney the driver and two passangers were charged with second-degree murder after they killed a pedestrian becasue they had participated in the burglary of a nearby home. April 14, 1998 NYT

NJ Assembly passes plan to cut car premiums--The NJ general assembly approved auto insurance legilsation that is intended to reduce premiums for some drivers in suburban and rural areas while sharply raising rates for urban drivers. June 16, 1997 NYT.

Albanes targeting reckless motorists--Citing a rise in pedestrian deaths City Council Member demanded the city switch more cops from handingout parking tickets to cracking down on dangerous drivers. June 16, 1997 Daily News.
Bar Owner loses license for serving driver--Patron killed himself and three people in 1995. Oct. 31, 1998 NYT
Battling gets nasty as vote nears on a drunken driving bill--How much money did your congressman take from the food and beverage lobby? March 27, 1998 NYT
Plan to toughen drunken driving laws suffers blow in house--Wimpy politicians role over for alcohol lobby. April 1, 1998 NYT
Driver charged in Death of Boy in his care---They'll let anyone drive your kids to school these days. July 15, 1998 NYT
Envoy Is Sentenced to Prison in Fatal Crash---His diplomatic immunity got him off before, but not this time. Dec 20, 1997 NYT
Judge Puts off new tests for automobile emissions--Who cares about the clean air act anyway? Dec. 18, 1998 NYT
Man guilty of murder after crash kills woman--Sure but why are police engaging in high speed chases to nab purse snatchers? NYT
Senate passes bill on teen-age drivers--May 29, 1998
Trucker Gets 8 years for fatal crash--Hit-and-run driver would have never been found if not for the efforts of fathers one man campaign to find him. July 9, 1998 NYT
Wife of Eagles Executive Charged in Accident--We build huge stadiums. We require people to drive to them. And then we serve them alcohol all night long. Nudge nudge wink wink. Oct. 31, 1998 NYT