Name: Messenger bag
Colors: blue(shown) / light brown (not shown)
Cost: $21.00 --includes shipping
Friends of citystreets: $15.00 --includes shipping

Description:Believe it or not these bags are from Old Navy. You can't find them there so don't even waste your time looking because we bought them all.. They're well made and they have good dividers on the inside. They're actually pretty great bags, but when you factor in the price these bags are better than great they're awesome.


Name: Incredibell
Cost: $15.00 --includes shipping
Friends of citystreets: --includes shipping

Description:If you ride a bike without a bell you're not a responsible bike rider. True it won't save you from taxi's or cell phone talking SUV drivers, but it will let pedestrians know that you're coming. And they sound a lot nicer than "YO GET OUTTA MY WAY". And if you're gonna buy a bell this is the best bell you can get. It's a really good design and it sounds great. You can probably get it for a couple of bucks cheaper at some bike stores, but then again you wouldn't be supporting citystreets with your purchase.


Name: extra extra sticky stickers
Cost: $1.00 --includes shipping
Friends of citystreets: Free --send self addressed stamped envelope

Description:This is actually a political statement masquerading as a cheap novelty product. They are worth it just for the hilarious instructions written on the back. They make great stocking stuffers.

Name: Checker Cab
Cost: $5.00 --shipping for up to five $4.00
Friends of citystreets: $3.00 -- --shipping for up to five $4.00

Description:Whoever said there are no more checker cabs in New York obviously hasn't been to our garage lately. Die cast metal.