Why you should become a friend of citystreets

The soft sell: The issues that were working on effect your life and we want to be the voice for your concerns. The more people that join with us, the stronger our collective voice becomes and the more effective we can be as an organization.

People profit from friendship in many ways. As soon as you become our friend we give you a brand new never before worn 100% cotton t-shirt in any size that you want with our logo on it. The ability to sell your bike without charge in our market place. And discounts on our all pedestrian products in the market section. Psst the stickers are free.

Additionally all membership fees and contributions are fully tax deductible in accordance with rules governing tax exempt organizations as outlined by section 5013c the Internal Revenue Service. Well that's what we'll be able to say when we get our 501-3C. Apparently it's going to be anyday now.