Date: September 26, 1999
Location: 141 West 38 street

contact info name :
Harris Silver
phone: 212.647.8595
e mail: [email protected]

Citystreets a leading pedestrian advocacy, organization as part of its ongoing campaign to raise awareness to the issue of pedestrian safety, has painted a full size police outline with the words ³Killed by Driver² in memory of Cirel Truch 62, who was killed when a driver mounted the sidewalk and drove into the Arno restaurant in Midtown Manhattan.Two other people were seriously injured in the 9/23/99 crash.

The driver stated to the police that ³the gas pedal got stuck.² This is not likely as the car was driven by a parking attendant across the street moments before the reckless crash. The driver probably mistook the gas for the brake. While most people think this was just a freak accident. Citystreets doesnıt. This is third crash in three months where an out of control vehicle mounted a sidewalk in Midtown Manhattan.

Citystreets thinks this is one more crash that could have been prevented if the city placed pedestrian safety before the movement of automobile, drivers had proper training, and bollards were put up in strategic locations around the city to prevent cars from mounting sidewalks.

Citystreets is calling upon the Giuliani administration to change its transportation policy by placing pedestrian safety ahead of of the movement of automobiles in New York City. Citystreets believes this policy change is long overdue and offers a number of innovative solutions that are available for downloading on itıs website.