NYC Pedestrian Fatalities.
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Citystreets a leading pedestrian advocacy, organization as part of its ongoing campaign to raise awareness to the issue of pedestrian safety, has painted a full size police outline with the words łKilled by Driver˛ at the site of 12 fatal pedestrian crashes in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

The locations included Eastern Parkway and Nostrand avenue and Eastern Parkway and Brooklyn avenue, where two 11 year old children where crushed by a minivan, and one 18 year old was killed by a tractor trailer during the Caribbean day parade, on September 6, 1999

Also included was a spot near the corner of Prince and Lafayette, where Michael Regina was killed in front of his auto shop. He was crossing the street when he was hit by a vehicle driving fast enough in reverse to throw him 20 feet up in the air. According to police statistics, he is blamed for his own death, because he wasnąt crossing at the intersection.

But if he didnąt land on his head and die from his injuries, what he would tell you is the only reason he was killed was because a driver with a suspended license was speeding backwards down a Manhattan Avenue. Michael Regina was killed because of the illegal actions of a reckless driver.

The statistics need to reflect this reality. Currently they donąt. For a full description of all the sites that we have stenciled please visit our website.

Citystreets is calling upon the Giuliani administration to change its transportation policy by making pedestrian safety itąs #1 priority.

Current initiatives like operation move along, place the movement of automobiles ahead of pedestrian safety.

Citystreets thinks a policy change that places pedestrian safety above the movement of motor vehicles is long overdue.