Renaming of Central Park to Central parkway.

We believe there shouldn't be cars in central park. We believe the point of a park is a place get away from the danger and tension that cars create. We believe that parks are a place where you can walk, or ride your bike, or roller blade free from the danger of aggressive drivers. Unfortunately that's not the case and the roadways of our parks are used more like parkways than parks.

Most city residents are in favor of an auto-free central park. They believe that central park should be the one place where you can go to get away from the city. That's why over the years tens of thousands of New Yorkers have taken the time to write the parks commissioner asking that cars be banned from central park. The response from the people running the park is always the same. No. So Central Park is used as a short cut for drivers to speed through Manhattan

In recognition of the this reality we are going to hold a public news conference and ask that central park be renamed to central parkway. And symbolically change street signs around central park to reflect this reality. If you would like to help plan this event or just attend it, please contact us at [email protected] org