Anyone with a finger can point out a problem. This section is where you will find innovative solutions to everyday traffic problems.


A short note about solutions

When good government groups, community boards, individuals and even many of our cities advocates elected officials and experts discuss traffic, they point to the failure of enforcement and are blind to the larger design failure. Even though most New Yorkers take great pride in the "walk-ability" of their city many never consider that our streets are engineered to facilitate the movement of automobiles and not people. While adults seem almost genetically predisposed not to question their physical environment; the historical lens shows that since the introduction of motorized vehicles, all changes to our city have favored the automobile.


Another short note about solutions
It is our belief that what will save us is not some sweeping master plan coming forward from the Mayors office, the City Council, the DOT, or any other government agency, but the effects on our physical world that will occur after we change the way we think about our streets. That is, by applying a new way of thinking. Over time, the increments will "go the right way" making our streets safer and our city more vibrant. That is why the solution 1 is in many ways is the most important solution.


Yet another short note about solutions
High quality photographic color printouts are available for all solutions. We can also make photographic quality posters, which are effective for education, press conferences and public meetings. Obviously we can't supply these free of charge but don't worry this isn't exactly a profit center for us. If you need to use our material for educational purposes contact us at [email protected]