Enclosed you will find innovate and original traffic ideas that if implemented would have a profound positive effect on pedestrian safety. Enjoy.

-- These are all in PDF format.

Solution 01--priorities Solution 15--Design safer crosswalks
Solution 02 -investigations/stop blaming pedestrians Solution 16--Install ped signals properly
Solution 05--flexible streets Solution 17--Get cars off sidewalks
Solution 06--get junk vehicles off our streets. Solution 18--construction
Solution 08--Ticket drivers who fail to yield to pedestrians. Solution 19--Pavement markings
Solution 09--Safer taxis "Silver Meter" Solution 25--Dangerous signs
Solution 10--Barne's Dance Solution 26--Clear signs.
Solution 11-Ban the use of cell phones in moving vehicles. Solution 27--Add pedestrian signs at entrances to city.
Solution 12-Build cycling infrastructure Solution 28--Bollards bollards bollards
Solution 13--Missing crosswalks Solution 29--Change our current pedestrian sign
    Solution 32--Evolve to symbol base signs
    Solution 33--Taxi stickers to make taxi's safer for cyclists