September 30, 2003

Citystreets Announces Its Position On Segways Just In Time For Recall.

New York, NY - As soon as we pushed the print button on our Segway position paper the news wires announced to the world that the Consumer Protection Agency recalled all 6,000 “Segway Scooters”. Three people were injured when they ignored the low battery indicator, and fell when the machine ran out of power. Segway immediately brought this to the attention of the consumer protection agency and voluntarily recalled their product. It seems that the problem can be addressed simply, thoroughly and almost effortlessly--much like a system software update in a home computer. Seen through a historical lens, this is actually an impressive start for Segway. Compare it if you will this with the introduction of another marvel of mechanical invention and American ingenuity: The model-T, introduced by Henry Ford in 1908. By 1915 the millionth Model T rolled off the assembly line. In 1924 Ford added front brakes! As cars generate most of their stopping power from their front brakes if the Model-T had front brakes earlier it would have saved the lives of many pedestrians and drivers. 100 Years later 99% of automobile safety research is focused on the drivers ability to survive crashes with little or no thought given to people outside of the cars even though they represent more than half of fatalities from urban automobile crashes. Three people are hurt and the company is concerned --a refreshing difference from the narrow brand of safety related concern and civic responsibility still practiced by the auto industry. And certainly an indication that we should not let this temporary glitch distract us from the compelling merits and enduring promise of Segway.

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