December 9, 2003

Want To Try A Segway?

New York, NY - It doesn’t have a tail pipe spewing pollution. It doesn’t make any noise. It travels faster than a car stuck in a traffic and uses a fraction of it’s energy—which means it is not dependant on oil from the Middle East, or anywhere else for that matter. For older people it can offer a previously unimagined dignity of movement and mobility. Still, it's maligned in the press and by other so called activists and city officials. Form your own opinion about Segways away from the hype and press by actually riding one yourself. We will be at Union Square Park on an ongoing basis, Thursday afternoons (weather permitting) at 3:00pm. Please e-mail [email protected] if you would like to sign up for a quick trial. Yes, it's FREE, but there is a catch. As we think these machines can benefit older people the most we are requesting that if you are under 50 you bring a parent or an elderly neighbor.

Read Citystreets' position on Segways in NYC.