How to Make Up the City's Budget Deficit

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through the light but don't, making them red light runners. The amount of money that could be raised by fining these dangerous drivers, alone, could put New York City back in the black.

Why don't we push this line of thinking just a little bit further and take the radical step to bring NYC in compliance with the Clean Air Act? An aggressive program to fine cars with malfunctioning exhaust systems that spew out smoke could make a difference. We could also create a pollution tax where incentives would be given for people to drive the most efficient vehicles available and charge fees to owners of vehicles that pollute the most? Millions could be generated and everyone could breathe a little easier.

During the great wave of immigration at the turn of the last century many people arrived in NYC thinking that our streets were paved with gold. In fact they are, it's just a matter of knowing where to look for it.