May 1, 2003

Terrorist Donation Box?

New York, NY - Citystreets opens a new front in the war against terrorism. While the battle for Baghdad may be over, the war against terrorism continues in many places.

In an ongoing effort to bring attention to the connection between oil use and terrorism funding, Citystreets has created a series of controversial stickers that are meant to be applied to gasoline pumps by drivers filling up at gas stations.


The stickers are not a boycott asking people to stop driving. Rather, they are a wake up call to drivers, pointing out that every driver of every car, not just gas guzzling SUV’s, supports terrorism when they fill up at the gas pump. The point of the stickers is to bring attention to the lack of a national energy policy that reduces dependence on foreign oil, to end legislative loopholes that allow SUV’s and pickup trucks to fall outside of mileage and emission standards, and to point out a lack of investment in mass transit both within cities and between them. The bright yellow stickers use an Arabic looking typeface with the following messages

1. To support terrorism swipe card here.
2. Thank you for your continued support.
3. Terrorist donation box.

The stickers are part of an ongoing campaign to bring attention to the role of oil dollars as a funding source for terrorism. The first piece in the campaign was a commercial called "AK47-redux" released August 15th 2002. "AK47-redux" is a parody of the US Government's $150 million dollar effort to tie drug use to the war on terrorism through public service commercials released by the Office of National Drug Control Policy.

If you would like some stickers to place on gas pumps near you, send us a #10 self addressed stamped envelope, and we'll mail you a pack of around 20 stickers. The stickers are free but if you do have a job, a trust fund, or some Lotto winings, please hit the 'spare some change' button at the top of the page. If you are making a donation of at least $10.00, write your address and "Me like-ee some petrol stickers!" in your message, and forget about sending the SASE.