The DUI Project

Is there a connection between dangerous and reckless driving shown in advertising commercials and the 32,855 yearly US road deaths? We think there might and because we do think there is a connection, what we are calling for is both reasonable and radical. And that is for car companies and their advertising agencies to stop using such irresponsible imagery until we can conclusively prove there is, or there is not an effect. But in light of the facts, of 32,855 deaths we think that its time for those responsible for creating imagery that encourages such reckless behavior to if not take a stand then at least take some responsibility. (Read more...)

The Stencil Project

Alice Wang was killed on February 7th 1997, crossing Canal Street by a hit-and-run driver. Harris Silver, founder of Citystreets didn't know Alice Wang, but her plight and many others like her is something he never took for granted, knowing it could easily have been him or someone he knows that was struck, crossing Canal Street, or any other dangerous intersection in NYC. (Read more...)

Where Do Terrorists Get Their Money?

New York, NY–– The US Governments effort, to tie drug use to the war on terrorism through public service commercials released by the Office Of National Drug Control Policy, have been called into to question by a new spot from New York based Think Tank 3 for Citystreets, a Pedestrian Advocacy organization.Although the government commercials attempt to make a connection between drug use and terrorism, It is a known fact that 15 of the 19 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia and that Saudi Arabia was one of only two countries to recognize and support the Taliban before they were destroyed by coalition forces. It is also common knowledge that Saudi rulers use oil dollars to fund Wahabism a fundamentalist sect of Islam, which is responsible for radicalizing the Muslim world. (Read more...)

Curb Your Enthusiasm

In retrospect this project was a failure for Citystreets. Looking back it seems obvious that what we we attempted to do with this project was too ambitious for our staffing levels and needed much more funding to support than we realized it would take. We think that says something about our spirit. That we are not afraid to think big and be naive enough to think that good ideas can change the world. We also understand that failure is often part of the process of making things, even when those things are cultural change. Please feel free to learn more about what we described at the time was a historic project to change the way our public officials think and talk about pedestrian infrastructure. (Read more...)

Taxi Safety Stickers

In the year 1998 Citystreets began work on a project called "25 Traffic Solutions To Make NYC Safer" which was published in the first version of our website. Solution 18 was to place stickers in taxi back-seat windows in an effort to curb dooring accidents--when a car door is opened into the path of a cyclist. (Read more...)



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  • Driver can not see kids standing in front of car.
    Driver can not see kids standing in front of car.
  • No accommodation for pedestrian during sidewalk construction
    No accommodation for pedestrian during sidewalk construction
  • Improperly placed and maintained signs sends the wrong message to drivers.
    Improperly placed and maintained signs sends the wrong message to drivers.