In 1999 cycling fatalities rose an astonishing 75% in New York City. The most common-and often a deadly injury to cyclist: A door suddenly and unexpectedly opened directly into the path of a moving cyclists. No one wants to kill or seriously injure a cyclist when they open a car door. Yet these types of accidents occur with such patterned regularity on New York City streets that cyclists have a name for it. They call it being "doored"


A simple way to reduce these types of deaths and injuries is to warn people to look out for cyclists before opening car doors-The NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) has a fleet of 35,000 vehicles that are constantly on the streets picking up and dropping off people, these create the greatest danger to urban cyclists.

Citystreets petitioned the TLC in the interest of public safety to place these stickers on all vehicles under their jurisdiction. Citystreest was refused and then decided to take action into their own hands by designing and printing stickers and then distributing them to people who put them on taxi door windows. So far Citystreets has distributed many thousands of stickers to people who ride in cabs and are participating in this form of activism in the interest of public safety.

If you regularly ride in cabs and want to help make NYC safer then pick up some stickers and join in a little "back seat" activism. Please send us a #10 self addressed stamped envelope with 3 $0.37 stamps and we'll mail you a pack of 20 stickers. The stickers are free but if you do have a job, a trust fund, or some Lotto winings, please hit the 'spare some change' button at the top of the page. If you are making a donation of at least $10.00, write your address and "Send me some taxi stickers, yo!" in your message, and forget about sending the SASE.