Public Hearing on Preventing Deaths and Injuries Caused by Reckless and Negligent Drivers

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Eye tests The fact that you can renew your license by mail and forgo your vision test is shameful. But what’s more shameful is the vision test that’s in place. Every one who has a license needs to have a real vision test that tests not only ones ability to see but also their peripheral vision. There are machines available that do this. We need to start using them.

Older drivers need more supervision Your physiology changes as you age. This effects motor visual skills such as reflexes depth perception and speed perception are affected. Yet as a society we always seemed surprised and shocked when an older driver plows into a group of pedestrians. Which happens with predictable regularity in New York. It seems that as a society we are very reluctant to take away people’s driving licenses because we equate mobility with freedom. While this might be true in other places it is just not the case in New York City. Again for the safety of all people, licenses needs to be based on ones ability to drive if someone looses that ability than they should also loose their license.

People that are not medically fit to drive should not be able to drive. Again the safety of people using our streets comes before the convenience of the individual. People prone to epileptic fits, recovering stroke victims, people on heavy medications, people with physical ailments that restricts their ability to handle an automobile should not be allowed to drive. And if accountability was built into the license and doctors knew that they could loose their ability to practice medicine if they certified people to drive when they shouldn’t this would reduce this type of problem.

I believe these ideas if implemented will make a big difference towards addressing the important goals of this committee. I think you have been extraordinary gracious by allowing me to speak so far past my alloted time.

Thank you.

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