West Nile Virus

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isn't the larger public health issue of pedestrian safety addressed with the same urgency as mosquitoes carrying West Nile Virus?

Why isn't this considered an epidemic?

And why aren't measures, drastic or otherwise, implemented to reduce fatalities and injuries in the name of public policy?

Yes public policy decisions are often complicated. Public officials have to consider many variables to make a determination to allocate resources based on where they think they will do the most good.

Even if we used all the poison in the world, will we really rid New York City of mosquitoes? Ever? The virus is affecting birds. Are we going to start killing birds? What about the wetlands surrounding New York, which are Natural breeding grounds for mosquitoes and marine arthropods (also susceptible to the poison being used). Do we really want to spray our wetlands with poison?

Taxis on the other hand can be made safer relatively easily. Better driver training, yearly physical exams of drivers, swift license revocation for drivers that kill people in crashes, safer vehicles, and implementation of the Silver Meter.

Just something to think about next time you scratch your mosquito bites.